Compact Monitor Systems Corporation, since 1979, long before
“compact ”speaker systems were fashionable, has utilized custom
JBL Professional components to produce the most advanced tri-
amplified stage monitors available anywhere.

Our latest generation of Tri-Amped Wedges are clearly the most
powerful wedges ever built. All models now incorporate the new
2450CM Neodymium/Phenolic MF compression driver, developed
and built exclusively for us by JBL Professional, mounted onto our
proprietary Wave Guide Horn. Combined with our exclusive JBL
2402CM Wave Guide Super Tweeter, a crisp, clean, cut-through
SPL is effortlessly produced, with more headroom than any single
MF/HF driver. Various cabinet configurations are available with
complementary single or dual 12”, 14”, or 15”LF driver sections.

You wouldn’t settle for a Bi-Amped F.O.H. system, would you?

A few comments from some respected monitor engineers:

David Bryson (Rod Stewart/Diana Ross): “I pinned ‘em against the wall!
Highest quality and SPL before feedback wedge on the market, bar none!”

Doug Gherna (Bonnie Raitt):“…state of the art tri-amped monitors give
me tons of volume with clarity and punch no other monitor can match.”

Rod Matheson (silverchair/INXS): “For sheer SPL on stage, Compact
Monitor wedges are clearly a step above any wedges I have ever used.”

Steve Selid (Robert Cray): “Talk about Loud and Clear …”

Robin Fox (Rod Stewart/Roger Waters): “So compact, so small and yet
so powerful , what more could you want from a wedge?”

Harry Parsons (Jimmy Barnes/Cold Chisel): “The ability to reproduce any
artist, at any level , with amazing clarity and warmth, is second to none.”

Connie Fernstrom (Chris Isaak): “Powerful, warm lo end. Beautiful, crisp
hi’s. Chris liked them so much, he bought them.”

Ian Beveridge (Foo Fighters): “…an amazingly good mid range, better
than anything I’ve ever heard before...”

JD DuCrest (LeAnn Rimes/Clint Black): “Compact tri-amped monitors
outperform all bi-amped designs, period! They work and sound great”.

Maxie Williams (Marilyn Manson): “…I ’ve had nothing but compliments
from the band.…the first night …Manson was happy. He really loved it!”

Rocky Holman (Bon Jovi): “I was highly impressed with your wedges, I
think they’re killer, they kick some ass …I dug ‘em.”

Steve “Shorty” Kades ((Various Artists): “Why settle for anything less?”

Scottie Schenk (Dwight Yoakam): “…two-way, three-way, unless it’s my
way, it can hit the highway.The Compacts Monitors are bitchin ’!”

Los Angeles

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Compact Tri-Amped Stage Monitors

Selected models, shown at (some of these artist's) sound check:
Model 112TA
Model 114TA
Model 115TA
Model 215TA

Compact Monitor Systems Corporation is an authorized JBL Professional OEM dealer. Standard warranty service is available through JBL dealers worldwide.